Our Puppy Curriculums

Our Puppy Curriculum

At Crystal Ridge Doodles, we believe in giving our puppies the best possible start in life. In the first few weeks of life the moms prefer a quiet room with lower light, a more den like environment. In weeks 4 and up our puppies are raised in a bright, clean and organized environment right in our home and are exposed to regular sights and sounds of home life. To ensure the best possible future for our puppies, we have implemented  various puppy curriculum that focuses on shaping their future by doing the right things at just the right time.

Our puppy curriculum is a combination of Puppy Culture, AviDog, and Empowered Breeder curriculum and enrichment programs. Our puppies are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) from day 3-16, which is a training program for puppies designed to stimulate the neurological system to improve the cardiovascular performance, increase tolerance to stress, stronger Adrenal Glands, and greater resistance to disease.  Source: Breeding Better Dogs Article

Additionally, we work to enhance their ability to identify and react to specific scents, known as Early Scent Introduction (ESI), and a variety of different sights and environments to learn in.


We also start our puppies on sound training at around 3 weeks of age, where they are exposed to different sounds such as books being dropped, doors opening and closing, police sirens, fireworks, trains, kids playing and yelling, and much more, gradually building intensity over the course of 8 weeks. Starting at week 3, we also begin “Puppy Massage,” a technique developed by the Empowered Breeder Program that helps build touch tolerance in puppies.

Our puppy curriculum has been developed through extensive research and training to provide the best possible start in life for our puppies. We believe in giving our puppies a strong foundation for their future, ensuring they are well-rounded, healthy, and happy pets. Contact us today to learn more about our puppy curriculum and how it can benefit your new furry family member.