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Aussiedoodles are a popular choice for families looking for a loyal and loving pet. These intelligent and easy-to-train dogs make great family pets and enjoy the company of children. They have big personalities and are affectionate, loyal, and goofy. In fact, Aussiedoodles can excel at therapy and service work, with several bred and raised right here serving as therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, and service dogs.

Aussiedoodles thrive on physical exercise and mental stimulation, and they love having a job to do, such as playing fetch or excelling at agility and obedience work. They enjoy swimming, hiking, camping, and going for car rides – they’re the do-anything, go-anywhere type of dog! Aussiedoodles are known for their Velcro-like attachment to their owners, just like their Australian Shepherd parents.

Standard size Australian Shepherds are 18″-23″, while mini Australian Shepherds, also known as Mini American Shepherds, are 14″-18″. Poodles come in toy, mini/miniature, and standard sizes.